Step 3 – Analysing participatory mapping outputs

Why this Step?

The participatory community mapping exercises in Step 2 above provide the first inputs from the community on local social dynamics and resources available in the community. Together with the country and local context overview, this should provide adequate insight into: perceptions of how communities are organized; the resources available to the community; the food situation in terms of availability and production; access to or purchase ability of existing individuals/groups/organisations; and services in relation to nutrition, agriculture and gender and WASH, and how some of these are interrelated.

The analysis will be carried out within facilitation teams (and not with the community). in order to use information generated in: a) identification of key informants such as knowledge specialists in specific fields for interviews (based on results of the stakeholder map); and b) identification of appropriate groups (number and type) for focus group discussions (FGDs) based on the results of the social and resource map.