Step 1 – Overview of national and local context


Instructions to provide a basic overview of the national and local context related to agriculture, nutrition/health, gender and WASH

This section contains instructions on how to assess the context at the national and local level with reference to agriculture, nutrition, gender and WASH. Local level data could include provincial, district and community level, wherever available. All data available from secondary sources will form the basis of this assessment, and will complement the participatory mapping exercises in Steps 2-3-4 within this phase.

The context mapping exercise consists of three main parts. Each part consists of a fact-finding step and an analytical step.

The outputs of this step will not only inform the facilitator’s team about the situation at the national level, but should also provide information at the lowest operational level possible, such as district, block or village. This will help to identify the gaps in information and understanding that will later be collected in community level mapping exercises. Specific activities include:

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